Engine & Gearbox Build

Race Engine

We provide, service, and rebuild most racing engines, specialising in all Cosworth four cylinder and eight cylinder engines. We provide a full engine related machine shop service and can develop cylinder head port work modifications to production based engines.

We have supplied, built and serviced engines for cars competing in EuroBoss, TGP, Supersports, CanAm, Brit/GT, Thundersaloon, etc. Sprints and Hillclimb events.

We have the capability to provide an engine development program for prototype work if required.

Cosworth Engine

Gearbox Building

We service and rebuild most gearboxes, specialising in all Hewland transaxles, March Group C, and all 1990`s sequential-hydraulic F1 transmissions. Conversions from electronic paddle shift to mechanical sequential gear selection mechanisms can be designed and manufactured as required. Most parts for historic gearboxes can be supplied or re-manufactured.

Group C Gearbox Assembly