Design, Fabrication & Engineering

Design & Fabrication

We provide a design and fabrication service from a simple clamp and bracket through to wishbone and chassis construction including repairs. Items can be designed and manufactured using CAD or from original drawings if provided.

Welding and repairing of most materials including steels, chrome-moly 4130, stainless steel, inconel, titanium and aluminium.

Certified crack testing and floor detection is available for all items.

AMR-1 Wishbone

AMR-1 Wishbone


We design and, or specify power train components and layouts for clutch, gearbox, primary and secondary transmission shafts, and joint requirements.

We supply and manufacture bespoke driveshafts and output shafts form materials such as 300M. We supply motorsport quality tripod and CV joints.

RHR Prototype Sportscar Chassis

RHR Special Saloon 1991