Team RHR Dyno facility

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We have invested £50k in a new state of the art dyno facility. We have the latest Dynojet 250idyno with load control and real time exhaust gas analysis software. Cell conditions and intake temperature are fully controllable and an element of ram air simulation can be applied. This is essential for the setting up of all fuel injected bikes. All riding conditions can replicated consistently on the dyno with the fuel/air ratio graphed direct against the power curve. Data is logged and displayed in real time for assessment and adjustment. Cell conditions for air temperature, ambient pressure and humidity are constantly monitored. This data is measured in real time and used in the required correction factors for repeatable results.

Dynojet Powercommarnder (what is it?)

A Dynojet Powercommarnder is a very clever plug in box that is simply installed between the original ECU and the injector harness. As continually changing signals from the ECU are sent to the injectors, the Powercommarnder decreases or increases the value of these signals with an additional map set up with some very clever software. This allows total control of the fuel curve with up to 500 individual load sites that can be set.

Dynojet Powercommarnders generally get supplied with a ‘zero’ or ‘base’ map pre-installed. These maps although seem to match the specification of the particular bike, we have found that infact they are not very accurate and considerable adjustments are required to correct the fueling resulting in improvements in the power curves. It is not unusual to find gains in the region of 10bhp in the midrange on 1000cc bikes. We highly recommend that all Powercommarnders are calibrated on our dyno and a custom map produced for the particular bike. Maps can be set for pure performance as per a race bike or set for efficiency as on a touring bike where response and fuel consumption can normally be improved.

How is is calibrated

In order for us to calibrate the Powercommarnder map that controls how much or how little fuel is sent through the injectors, we must be able to hold the bike at a set rpm using any and all throttle positions. This is possible with the ‘Team RHR’ 250i dyno. We are able to pre-set desired engine rpm’s and the eddy-current load cell on the dyno will hold this value regardless of how far we increase of throttle position. Whilst the dyno is holding the bike at this set value, the air/fuel ratio is measured and adjusted to the correct values for optimum fueling. All the figures entered in to the map represent the percentage of fuel increase or decrease that is required over the original signal sent from the ECU.

This procedure is repeated for all the low throttle positions and rpm ranges, after which we work through the higher throttle and rpm ranges using a roll on strategy with the inertia function of the dyno which accurately simulates the transient state of engine fueling requirements. A roll on test is produced at say 40% throttle opening and the air/fuel ratio measured in real time and adjusted until we achieve the desired ‘flat’ fuel line. This procedure is repeated at all throttle positions through the range.

Most Powercommarnder ‘custom’ maps can be produced in around 4 hours providing the bike is not too far from standard. Fixed rate set ups are available for all standard bikes with end can or airfilter modifications and those with approved full race systems.

Carburettors (Dynojet jet kits)

A Dynojet kit allows for a recalibration of the original carbs to correct the fueling after the fitting of an end can, airfilter or even a full race exhaust. This recalibration is usually done with the replacement of the needle with a very different profile, altering the slide speed by the replacement of the slide springs and finally changing the main jet.

This kit has and element of adjustment as the needle height needs to be set and the main jet will normally have about 4 options. This adjustment needs to be carried out on the' Team RHR’dyno and the air/fuel set correctly for the individual bike.

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